Steering Wheel Information

What's Included in Your Purchase?

When you buy a carbon wheel from us, you'll receive the steering wheel base, securely fastened to your car's steering column. Please note that the inner trim, steering wheel controls, airbag, and any applicable paddles are not included. However, your original controls, trims, and airbag will be compatible. Optionally, you can add a trim/airbag cover by reviewing the available options on the site before completing your purchase.

How to Request Fitting

If you require fitting for your custom wheel, the pricing may be displayed on the listing. If not, please contact our team, and we can explore arrangements to fit your wheel to your vehicle.

Note: Pricing displayed on the listing is subject to standard specifications, and an additional fee is applicable for LED steering wheel installations.

Product Production & Delivery Times

The production and delivery of your steering wheel may take between 3 and 16 weeks. Longer lead times apply to submitted steering wheels, varying based on availability and the chosen wheel's specifications. Each steering wheel is meticulously handmade and undergoes thorough quality and durability checks before dispatch. Please be aware that estimated dates for high-demand or custom steering wheels are subject to change.

Production Stages:

  1. Sourcing of selected wheel / Submission of wheel.
  2. Transporting to the factory.
  3. Preparation of the wheel.
  4. Production of selected options.
  5. Product Finishing.
  6. Product Checks / Inspection.
  7. Transporting from the factory.
  8. Final checks / inspection.
  9. Dispatch to the customer's given address / booking arrangements for fitting if required.

Production Estimates (excluding carriage/courier periods):

  • Submitted Steering Wheels: 30-70 working days
  • Supplied Steering Wheels: 25-50 working days

Please note that these dates are estimates and may change. Wheels with special carbon types and LED displays may have slightly longer production times.

Cancellation / Returning Steering Wheels:

NVX Performance LTD reserves the right to refuse the return or cancellation of custom-made items like steering wheels. Contact our team for authorization before initiating a return.

If a custom-made item is returned without prior review, it may be rejected, and you could be billed for return costs.

Approval for a return incurs fees covering production materials and labor. A one-time fee of 30% is deducted from the total amount paid, resulting in a 70% refund (excluding non-refundable shipping fees).

When purchasing a custom steering wheel, you agree to these terms.

Faulty Products:

If you receive a faulty item, report it within 7 days of receipt. Any concerns reported beyond this period may not be eligible for return or replacement. We recommend checking your new wheel upon receipt and promptly reporting any issues to our team.

Note: Wear and tear, such as leather, stitching, and the clear coat of the carbon fiber, are not covered under warranty. LED displays come with a 6-month warranty; contact us if you experience any issues.