The Can Phantom represents the latest defense against car theft. This retrofit immobiliser system remains disarmed until a vehicle-specific PIN code is entered, preventing engine start-up without it. Effective against various theft methods, including keyless entry, its 'phantom' designation stems from its undetectable nature to conventional thief tools, ensuring protection even from keyless theft attempts. Concealed within the vehicle's wiring loom, it resembles a standard automotive component, eluding detection.

Each vehicle receives a unique security code for manual entry, with an additional secure backup in case of code loss. Installing devices like the Can-Phantom can also lower insurance premiums, as insurers view proactive steps toward vehicle security favorably.

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NVX Performance can retrofit the Can-Phantom to any vehicle in just a couple of hours.

Our trained and approved technicians ensure a high-quality job, guaranteeing your vehicle's security. The installation process is straightforward, and our team will come to your location home or work and complete it while you wait.

To fit a Can-Phantom, we'll need:
  • Your vehicle's make, model, and production year
  • Your location (street and/or postcode)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership