LED Steering Wheel Fitting

Instructions for Steering Wheel Installation, Wiring, and Display Activation

Upon receiving your new LED steering wheel, locate the two wires provided, which are designed to connect to your vehicle's buttons.

  1. Begin by removing the airbag and buttons to reveal the attached wiring loom. Connect the red wire to a positive power source and the black wire to a negative power source. A multimeter may be useful to identify the positive (+) and negative (-) sources.
  2. Once you've identified the appropriate wires, disconnect the car's battery and proceed to connect the wires.
  3. Plug in the OBD connector, ensuring that the wires are correctly connected, and the OBD connector is securely fixed. Incorrect connections may lead to power loss or a disrupted connection to the display.
  4. Reattach the car's battery and turn on the ignition. It may take a few seconds for the display to activate and connect to the OBD. If the display does not turn on, hold both buttons for 5 seconds to activate it manually.

Display Menu Navigation:

  • Enter the menu by pressing the right key down until you reach the menu section. Long press the right button to access the menu.
  • Within the menu, you can adjust the RPM redline, modify display colors, and customize various features.

Troubleshooting: Display Connection Issues

If the display fails to connect when turned on, a simple battery reset may be necessary.

  1. Remove the OBD connector and disconnect the car's battery.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting the battery and plugging in the OBD reader.
  3. This reset should resolve any connection issues, allowing for successful communication between the display and the car.

For Steering Wheel Assistance:

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, please visit our "Contact Us" page for assistance. We are eager to help with any inquiries or concerns you may have!